Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vibrating Swan Hill

What a wonderful weekend had by all!!!
Swan Hill never felt so good!
We had the pure pleasure of welcoming 13 Yogis from Melbourne(about a 4 hour drive) and 2 yogis from Adelaide (6 - 7 hours driving)
With 2 big tents in the back yard we managed to fit everyone in,
and everything just flowed beautifully as Sahaj events do :)

The Channel at the end of our little street,
(one house away) was a great place for early
morning meditation, shoe-beating or just watching
the sunset, the ducks and enjoying Mother Earth.

Franz & I and our 'Tiger' posing as a cat, usually go to the channel every evening after dinner to enjoy the sunsets, and view the first stars.
We had sat here often, counting our blessings, and secretly desiring to share it one day with the yogis :)

It's a nice peaceful place to contemplate, introspect and meditate, and the duckies seem to enjoy our company too, even when we have no bread to offer, they come from either end of the channel to say hello and just 'sit' with us.

We hired the Lions Kiosk in the middle of the main street, for Saturday morning
so that we could 'legally' hand out Pamphletts/Fliers advertising the Programs.

Rob & Bel inside the kiosk
Marg & Timmy, and Franz on the street side

No we're not selling anything, only the highest
and most special gift of love to give away here!

We started the weekend off (after our first 'real collective' meditation) down the street on Saturday morning handing out Flyers to the Saturday morning shoppers, to advertise the 2 Programs we had planned.

The first Program was Saturday afternoon in the Riverside Park at the Rotunda.
We started at 6pm (the later the better to avoid the heat) and we had 13-14 seekers arrive for the Program, and a few others joining in along the way, as the beautiful music from our talented Melbourne Musicians, attracted the attention of more people who were playing cricket, feeding the duckies or just having dinner by the river.
It was a very 'special' program led by Rob Henshaw from Melbourne, and one that emitted a deep and satisfying Peace across the land and beyond. It was like being in Heaven for us, as we sat in familiar surroundings and listened to the angels singing and to see the sparkling faces of the Seekers as the Peace and Joy spread over them. Franz & I could hardly believe it was happening, such a Blessing and a Joy to finally be able to present Sahaja Yoga in this area.
[We are eternally grateful to Shri Mataji for sending the Yogi Brigade into the 'edge of the Outback']
It was a truly valiant effort and the blessings were abound with the fun and love that was shared amongst us all on the weekend.

So after that glorious time in the Park, it was hard to leave, but we felt obliged to at least try and feed the musicians although at first we couldn't decide, we thought it best to go and cook at home so they could enjoy vibrated food! The ladies from Melbourne cooked an amazing Green Thai Curry (pronounced by some as 'Thigh' Curry!! and later as 'Chai Chicken' inside joke!!!) which seemed to never end!

Then up early Sunday morning to have a very special Puja at the River.... The little Murray - an offshoot from the Main Murray River

stay tuned for more.... :)


taiko said...

hi Susi, it sounds and looks like a wonderful weekend was had by all. What a great event to have in Swan Hill!!! I hope that you do more of these weekends, and continue spreading love through Swan Hill, out into the Mallee, along the Murray (up and down stream) with those beautiful Sahaja vibrations. Bless you all, you darlings!!! taiko (peace revolution)

honey said...

it was really nice to be there for mothers work...... & i m really looking forward for some more programs like this..

honey said...

this is Himanshu